Hard Hitting Tech

5 Sep

Ever the pioneer in sports performance gear, Under Armour have been helping the Welsh rugby team gear up for the World Cup with their E39 shirt.

When you think of monitoring an athlete’s heartbeat, fatigue and other such measures one tends to picture a white room filled with wires and one-way glass. However, this shirt has eliminated the need for any of this. What’s known as ‘The Bug’ is a tiny computer attached to the shirt which automatically measures the wearer’s biometric data, that the trainer can then see on their laptop.

The idea is that not only does this motivate the athlete to push themselves harder, it can gauge the most effective techniques to increase their performance levels.

Although, as Jamie Roberts calls it, it could just be a “1 percenter” in the grand scheme of things; when it gets to the dying minutes a coach would happily take any kind of advantage, no matter how slim.

BBC’s Newsbeat were there to film the training as well as continue the debate on the shirt’s effectiveness, check it out here.


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