Casting Jesus

13 Sep


Ever wondered what it takes to play Jesus? Well here’s the answer.

This month at the Lisson Gallery Christian Jankowski‘s video installation features a panel of three Vatican judges as they decide who they will cast to play the man from Bethlehem. Unsurprisingly, everone that turns up to audition is bearded, dressed in plain robes and has shaggy hair down to their necks; but the judges must filter through to find their chosen one.

During the audition, the actors must act out famous moments in Jesus’ life such as carrying the cross and breaking bread. However it’s not only the success of these challenges that will win the part, the judges also take into account artistic depictions of Jesus as part of their criteria and how they compare to the actors.

As with any auditioning process, melodrama is not in short supply. One particular actor looks on the verge of breaking down in tears when in character, whilst the judges hold their heads in their hands wondering who invited this maniac.

So whether it’s the philosophical question of what people believe Jesus to be like or enjoying the over theatrics of the actors, it makes for enjoyable viewing. If you’d like to see it for yourselves, Casting Jesus is shown on the hour between 10am – 4 am at the Lisson Gallery until October 1st so check it out!


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