Shut up and Drive

5 Oct


The film Drive features Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt performer who also acts as a wheelman, but things take a dark turn when one of the heists go wrong. Although it features some fantastic cinematography courtesy of the esteemed Dane, Mr Refn, it was the music that really captured me.

The soundtrack features some deep electronica with a real 80’s tone. It’s a great genre to pick for such a pensive driving film, so much so the Drive soundtrack craze seems to be sweeping across the net. All across YouTube and LastFM people are commenting how the film brought them there.

But it’s not like this music is brand new. Producers like Breakbot, Mr Flash and more famously Daft Punk have been experimenting with this sound for some time now and have received brilliant receptions from their peers. But with dubstep well and truly into the mainstream of music culture, maybe this will be the next genre to really take off? Who knows.

In the meantime here’s a couple of tracks from the film and if you can, get them on your car stereo, grab a toothpick and get driving…




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