Nokia’s New Ringtone

10 Oct

The original Nokia ringtone became immortalised in British culture after Dom Joly and his huge phone graced our screens.

So it was only natural for the brand to become very conscious should they want to change it. Well, the time has come and after gliding through the polyphonic stage without too much comment, Nokia thought they’d step it up a gear by adding a new edge to their tone. This ‘edge’ was to be found through the Nokia Tone competition, where people were given the opportunity to submit their tune for the chance to win $10,000. After sifting through all the applicants, the man who came out on top was an Italian DJ called Sizzi with his interpretation of the iconic tone called ‘Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition’.

However, despite being preloaded onto 100million Nokia devices, I’m not too sure. The decision to make a ringtone have dubstep as its foundation is one that baffles me. Dubstep is all about bass, yet a ringtone will naturally be played from tinny, bassless phone speakers. Not only that, but it sounds like Skrillex charged into Super Mario World with a flamethrower; and that’s not a good thing. So it’s a no from me; but don’t let that stop you giving it a go, click the link here so you can decide for yourself.


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