What’s on zeebox?

27 Nov


No that’s not a Frenchman wondering what’s on TV, zeebox is now “the best thing to happen to TV since TV”; or so they say.

The premise of the idea is basically to bring TV guide’s into 2011. Thus as you can imagine it all starts with a list of “what’s on”, with full details of all programmes just a click away; but there’s a few extra add-ons that really make it stand out. By linking zeebox to facebook, you’re able to see what your friends are watching. Now I seem to know a few people that watch TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and just about any pseudo-reality show where no-one has a job so if it were me, I wouldn’t be paying attention to everyone. However, loads of people seem to be talking about Frozen Planet at the moment and I’ve only just started to catch on, so this would have been a great little tool for me to avoid missing out. You can also invite people to watch programmes with you, enjoy instant chat and browse through relevant tweets to the show you’re watching on a side tab.

Now it’s all set with your social media, it still has one more trick up its sleeve. zeebox goes out of its way to make it easy to find out more information about whatever you are watching. Whether it’s the actor, the location or the product you just saw, there will be what Techradar.com have called a ‘rolling ticker’ of all these things (called zeetags) so that all the information you could want is at your fingertips.

As a student, I know a lot of us watch TV whilst on our laptops or smartphones so zeebox isn’t necessarily asking for a huge behavioural change. Plenty of people now tweet or make statuses about what they’re watching too (especially during X Factor. I seem to know most of their names and I don’t even watch it!), so it’s a clever idea to link all of these things into one easy platform. The popularity behind these kind of applications tend to rely on creating a fear of missing out among potential users – that by just watching TV you’re not making the most of the experience with the programme and your friends. Nevertheless I think it’ll be the zeetags function that will cause the apps initial popularity, with the social media aspect then drawing in the belated adopters and multiplying its popularity.

So if after all that you fancy giving it a go, just click here!


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