TripAdvisor To Focus On The Bright Side

23 Jan

Most people love a good moan don’t they? You can moan about the weather, you can moan about public transport, you can pretty much moan about anything; but you just need someone to listen.

Well, as we all know, TripAdvisor is all ears for a rant about a holiday. By posting a review of your horrendous holiday, not only will you be saving some poor souls from suffering a similar fate, you get to vent your frustration for all to see and shine a beacon above that particular resort saying: “You’re rubbish!”

To coincide with this, the site used to run a ‘Dirtiest Hotels’ list this time of year; the sort of article you’d expect to read from a particularly resentful Kim & Aggie. Phrases such as “hell hole”, “the room was a disgrace” and even “I seriously pray the hotel will burn down sometime soon” litter the descriptions as users really dig their claws into these unsuspecting resorts.

Well now TripAdvisor’s changed their tune as the ‘Dirtiest Hotels’ list is no more. It used to gain some great publicity for the site since some people love a good gross out, but alas (for them at least) it is no more.

In my opinion whilst it is funny to read that one person would like to see a hotel combust in the near future, it’s not very helpful when planning your holiday and TripAdvisor is there to help. Therefore I think TripAdvisor was right to scrap the list as it allows them to promote a more positive image of themselves and their reviewing community; which can only be a good thing.


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