The Next Big Thing

31 Jan

Are you currently experiencing a mind-block? Trying to smash through that wall of blank thoughts, switch that light bulb on above your head and speed through the rest of your day?

Well may I introduce you to Dr. NakaMats. The doctor is the world record holder of patents with over 3,300 in his name, so he knows how to come up with an idea or two. Whether it’s floppy disks, digital display or karaoke this man’s probably invented it; so what’s his secret?

It’s something he likes to call “Dr. NakaMats’ underwater invention method”, which isn’t a DS game but is in fact an incredibly unique – and dangerous – form of idea generation. This method involves the doctor diving underwater with his waterproof pencil and notebook (which he invented), then submerging himself underwater until he is “0.5 seconds before death”. The idea then comes to him at this point but could disappear instantly, so he quickly writes it down before meeting the grim reaper for himself.

Now, I am by no means recommending this method but what a way to come up with an idea! The way he flirts between invention and death with seemingly great success is inspiring in itself, but could anyone else do it? I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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