Want To See A Magic Trick?

7 Feb

It’s not usually like me to upload a picture and leave it at that, but I just have to share this. Have a look below and follow the instructions, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised:


Did you see it? Want to know how it works?

Well when you stare at an object for long enough, the eye’s photoreceptors – especially those concerned with colour – lose their sensitivity due to over stimulation. Then when you look at a blank wall, these receptors send out a much stronger signal than usual. This results in the brain thinking you ‘re looking at completely the opposite colours as before. It’s called ‘negative afterimage’, or just a really awesome trick.

If it didn’t work out for you first time, keep at it. A lot of people have been saying they see Beyonce and I’ve had the same experience;  but who do you see?



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