Braille burger released by Wimpy

23 Feb

In South Africa a blind woman was asked to leave a McDonald’s restaurant due to the fact her guide dog was not “according to regulations”. As you can imagine this made the headlines not only due to the discriminatory nature of the incident but also because it is McDonald’s policy to allow guide dogs into their restaurants.

So as the media uproar began to gain momentum, the crisis cogs began to turn. Naturally, the managing director of their South African operation publicly apologised to the woman and sought to ensure it would never happen again. Problem solved according to McDonald’s, but one of their competitors saw an opportunity.

Wimpy (remember them?) went one step further and developed a ‘braille burger’. These specially designed burgers had each seed painstakingly placed on the bun to spell out “100% pure beef burger made for you.”

The reactive viral helped drive awareness of Wimpy’s braille menu as well as positioning them as a more caring and considerate fast food restaurant than their competitors. I think it’s a great idea and a nice, quick win for Wimpy. Feel free to leave your thoughts and check out the full viral below if you want to see more:



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