The Reclamation Foundation

27 Feb

As you may or may not know, Starbuck’s Global Responsibility Report will be publishing its eleventh annual edition this spring and it seems they’re making some great progress.  One of the ways the brand is making headway is for each of their future company-owned stores to be LEED-certified. LEED stands for: ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’, so as you can imagine for a new building to earn this certificate it must be green in both its construction and energy sourcing.

Starbuck’s created a sterling example of what the LEED project is all about with their new store: ‘The Reclamation Drive-Thru’ in Tukwila, Washington. To build it, four end-of-life cycle shipping containers were used to create a 450 square foot drive-thru and walk-up store as seen below:

Using the containers in the construction is not only relevant as they transport their product from across the globe, but it also keeps them from the scrap heap once their twenty year life cycle is up; and the environmental savings don’t stop there. Secondly, the roof collects rainwater which in turn feeds the plants around the store, complimenting the xeriscaping strategy that has been implemented by the brand (choosing plants that consume less water). Furthermore if the store ever needs to be moved, the whole thing can be disassembled and transported with relative ease.

This is certainly an innovative step for Starbuck’s as it seeks to prove its commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. Their Global Store Design Senior Manager Anthony Perez goes on to mention that this project could spark similar initiatives for store or even furniture construction in the future. So there are some exciting times ahead as largest coffeehouse company in the world strives to become the standard bearer for sustainability and I eagerly anticipate their next move.


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