One Step At A Time

18 Mar

Let’s be honest, climbing the stairs is dull. Given the choice of the stairs or a lift, you’ll only pick the stairs so you can give yourself a pat on the back for doing a bit of exercise that wasn’t forced upon you.

But what about climbing a mountain? That’s got a far better ring to it. And what if, instead of tackling one of mother nature’s most impressive forms in one go, you could do it a little bit at a time on the way back from work? Well, enter the City Peaks Challenge.

This nifty little project utilises your London passport (the oyster card) so you can check in and out at a flight of stairs, using a pad like so:

By using this tool, the distance you’ve climbed is measured and then visually represented on the City Peaks website. Here you can see just how close you are to climbing London’s very own mountains – its iconic landmarks – before moving onto the real mountains for a true challenge. You can also earn yourself bragging rights by comparing your progress with your friends and others as you ascend further towards the various summits.

I think this a great idea that energises an otherwise mundane activity, whilst tapping into two growing trends is society today: gamification and the quantified self.

Hopefully this concept will spread across the capital as we all seek to get ourselves into Olympic shape in time for this summer’s world event. In the meantime, keep one eye open for those check-in points and you could virtually join Romeo the fox on top of the Shard in no time!


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