The Perfect Pair

23 Mar

It’s an age old stereotype that women love their shoes, an infatuation which Christian Louboutin apparantly sums up perfectly:

So with footwear being of such importance to women, you’d assume that they would pick shoes that perfectly match their personality.

A fan of this chain of thought is Malaysian shoe shop: Shoes Shoes Shoes, which have capitalised on it in a very unique way.

The idea is that men can come into the shop, pick a pair of shoes that they’d like their date to wear, then that sets the ball rolling. From there, when a women comes in and wants to buy those said shoes she can get a 10% discount (paid for by the man) if she agrees to go on a blind date with the object of this generosity.

I’ve got to say it’s a better set up to a blind date than the 90’s TV show with Cilla Black:

Although it’s quite a specialised process.

Personally I’m not too sure if I could pick just one pair of shoes and imagine who’d turn up in the evening. Also, I have no idea of the reaction from the woman’s point of view. Does the fact that a man appreciates your choice of shoe say enough about him for you to meet?

Either way it’s interesting and it’s different; so if you find yourself free and single in Malaysia, why not see if you pick the perfect pair?


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