1 Apr

Despite the recession we’ve found ourselves in over the past four years, economics is still a difficult subject to grasp for the average person.

Buzzwords like “the money market”, “quantitative easing” and “fiscal stimulus” surround our daily news coverage; but what does it all amount to?

Well to get you started, the Financial Times have created a series of 3D infographics to help. They’re based around three topics:

– The Global Economy

– Money Talks (the growth of the mobile phone market)

– Recession and Recovery

And having been installed at Grand Central Station, it turns what could be a very dry set of analysis into an energising presentation that managed to stop New York commuters in their tracks.

Viewers were even invited to take part on the touch sensitive floor mat below; further encouraging public engagement and a nice interactive addition to the display.

So hats off to the FT for this one. Not only have they created an impressive installation that educates the public, but they’ve also managed to show off their prowess in global financial analysis – meaning the campaign hits home with key messaging.

Want to check it out? Just click play:


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