Seeing is Belieiving

18 Apr

The Cure, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder; three distinctly different artists but all with one thing in common: they’re all still at it and ready to own stages across the country at this summer’s music festivals.

The cry of ‘never say die’ amongst musicians has rung out for a good few years now with bands like The Police and Pulp having rejoined the festival circuit a couple of years back too – and it’s a philosophy that aims to please. To have the opportunity to see these greats in 2012 is a dream come true to many and long may it continue.

However there are some artists which, tragically, will never grace the stage again…or so we thought?

At the world famous Coachella festival, arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time came onto the stage announcing:  “What the f*** is up Coachella?” before tearing the house down! And that man was Tupac Shakur:

This amazing spectacle was created by AV Concepts, who developed a very convincing hologram of the rap legend to ‘wow’ the sun-drenched Californian crowd – and it worked.

As you can imagine, this technology holds some amazing potential. Imagine seeing Jimi Hendrix shredding his guitar at Glastonbury, Freddie Mercury with the crowd in the palm of his hand again or James Brown getting his funk on one last time.

Only a few months ago this seemed like an impossible dream but now, especially since a whole holographic Mariah Carey concert has been already been created, perhaps it’s only a matter of time.


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