Come On Ladies, One Pound Fish!

4 May

So many people try to ‘go viral’ but sometimes it’s the mostly unlikely of candidates that have it thrust upon them – and that’s exactly what’s happened this week.

A market stall trader fromE13, London, has seen his popularity spread from the big city and beyond thanks to his alternative pitching style.

This local legend, the  ‘One Pound Fish Man’, woos his customers through the medium of song, emphasising that his product is both “very very good and very very cheap.”

But there’s only so much I can describe through the written word, so have a look for yourself:

And now a month after these YouTube videos began appearing, he’s really taking off.

Firstly, Mindless Behavior [sic] – a teen boyband sensation over in the States – came into the 1Xtra studios and recorded their very own version:

Which was kind of cool.

But now Mistajam has remixed a whole host of tracks (from POW! to 212) to feature this oddly catchy song and it’s amazing just how versatile it is!

I thoroughly recommend you check them out and you’ve got four days from the date of this post to do so on the iPlayer.

And don’t worry, I’ve done all the hard work for you. Just click the link here and it’ll take you to the exact point where he starts the mix.



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