A King Takes The Stage

9 Oct

King Kong is an icon. His tale is an emotional journey, from vicious brute to gentle giant and eventual tragic demise – all summed in this iconic image: 

This is why a stage production is so right for him, as Sydney theatre company Global Creatures has recognised.

However, the stage production itself isn’t the exicting part – it’s those that are involved that’s really set to get you going.

Massive Attack, Justice & Avalanches all head up the bill of musical collaboraters to create what will be a spell binding audio backdrop, featuring “the classical strings of the ocean waves to electronica – and the drum & bass of King Kong as his fists pound the earth”

Thus far it’s exclusive to Melbourne – but the taste of success will surely bring it to other shores. So watch the full (30 minute!) trailer here while we wait for the 8th Wonder of the World to set sail.


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