One Small Step For Man

15 Oct

And so commenced Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking 128,100ft space jump.


As he tumbled back down towards earth, around eight million people watched on YouTube with eager eyes whilst he reached 834mph on his descent – causing him to break the sound barrier in the process.

This was the fruition of  the Red Bull Stratos mission, which after five years in the making, has delivered a breathtaking spectacle. Embodying the Red Bull brand at its very core, Felix and his team found the very limit of human freefall and pushed it all the way. The media hype that followed was well deserved – further solidifying Red Bull’s status as the ultimate brand for moments of adrenaline – but this is not the only result that makes this such an incredible PR stunt.

Yes there was the front pages and a record amount people live streaming on YouTube, but to me it feels like a 21st century moon landing. Many would have laughed this out of the boardroom, but a massive congratulations to all that made it happen. History has been made.


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