Lessons in real-time marketing

30 Oct

Opportunity is the name of the game in promotion and the recent Bodyform viral proves that.

One Richard Neill posted on facebook complaining that when his girlfriend was on her period she was not having the “joyous adventure” proclaimed by them, rather a hellish nightmare. Bodyform then turned this tongue-in-cheek criticism into a nice win by creating this apology statement on YouTube:




So where’s the next opportunity? Well I sincerely hope you weren’t thinking it was Hurricane Sandy. If you were then it might be worth seeing if American Apparel are hiring? They decided that the loss of lives and livelihoods was the perfect time to announce a 20% off sale, as you’re probably “bored of the storm.”

Now, a natural disaster which has caused $2billion worth of Presidential campaigning to be cancelled is an issue not to be taken lightly. Target the Less Than Zero generation by all means, but keep your moral compass. Needless to say, it’s been a social media disaster for the clothing company and have thus gained a reputation they won’t shake off easily.

So seek out opportunity by all means – just think twice before you do it.


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