Halo: Eat Your Heart Out

1 Nov

The Halo franchse has been a phenomenon since its first launch. Having amassed $3billion in sales, the game’s success has gone hand in hand with that of the Xbox. So how to launch the latest installment in the series? Well, how about transforming the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Yes, that’s right. Swarm over its 13th century landmarks, mines and quarries – then make a huge Halo playground out of it.

Master Chief, the main character from the Halo game, stands guard at the Balzers Castle during the HALO 4 launch by Xbox 360

There were battle scenes, pyrotechnics, military camp accomodation and a cryptic challenge to save mankind for those lucky guests that were invited.

Battles were recreated using pyrotechnics for the launch event, believed to be one of the biggest ever attempted for a computer game.

Then they finally settled down for a bit of gameplay with Halo 4 – all in a day’s work.

Participants were eventually allowed to play the new game following their ordeal with mock battles and pyrotechnics

An incredible stunt which certainly sets the benchmark for the future of gaming promotion.

All hail Master Chief!


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