Geoguessr keeps you guessing

14 May

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: Geoguessr is probably the best game on the internet – and it’s all down to a simple combination. By mixing Google street view with the element of competition, they’ve created something infectiously playable.

So how do you start? Well before you set off, you’re offered some very straightforward instructions:

Geoguessr - google maps game

Then just one click can send you anywhere in the world – and with the endless possibilities Google has to offer, I mean anywhere. This game really can take you from the barren to the beautiful:

Geoguesser - google maps gameGeoguesser - google maps game

Once you think you’ve figured out where you are, select your location on the map and all is revealed:

Geoguesser - google maps gameNow I think I had a pretty decent first go and from the five rounds I scored a grand total of 10,510.

Geoguesser - google maps game

But do you think you can do better? Well, just visit and try it for yourself.

Good luck!


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