For sale: The Freedom Ship – $10billion

8 Dec

One of the most ambitious projects ever seen, the Freedom Ship, is seeking $10billion to set sail.

At over a mile long and 25 storeys high, it will become the world’s first floating city – able to house 100,000 people.

In a Vegas style boast, it says that each ‘district’ will have it’s own architectural theme, making it seem like you’re walking around the world when on board. However, although there are hotels and casinos, it seems much more than that. Offices, museums, nature reserves, schools (including all the sports facilities) and hospitals will all be available – along with 1.7million square foot of retail space.

But how to would you get to this floating metropolis? Just hop on a plane and land on it’s airport – or if flying’s not your thing – catch a car ferry and take to the sea.

Then once you’re on board, the ship will be on a constant tour of the world’ major coastal cities; meaning if you like it so much you want to stay, you can sit back and see the world.

So if you’ve got $10billion burning a whole in your pocket, why not throw it at this?


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