Grow your own edible celebrity

2 Mar

Ever loved a celebrity so much, that you just wanted to gobble them up? Scared that this twisted fantasy might get you locked up? Well, fear not! BiteLabs is pioneering a perfectly legal way for you to eat you favourite celebrity again and again.


By using tissue meat samples from your chosen celeb, they can grow a unique salami meat from inside a lab – morphing the famous name’s personality into an edible delicacy. Here’s a couple of flavours they want to get their hands on:

So who would you choose? A smokey, cool Jack Nicholson? A fierce and voluptuous Beyonce?  Or a pestering, relentless Jedward?

You can tweet your support with the hashtag #EatCelebrityMeat – and simultaneously be judged by all of your peers. Go forth, you weirdos, and proclaim your love for legal cannibalism!


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