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Turn your Instagram snaps into nail stickers

24 Mar

Kickstarter has seen yet another ingenious invention launch on its platform: NailSnaps.

Thanks to the two LA founders, you’ll be able to turn your chosen Instagram photos into nail polish stickers – and given the huge female user base of this social network – it’s a very savvy extension.

So far, they’ve raised $30,000 of their $47,381 target; and they’ve got just eight days left to make it. So check out the video below for more info and see if they deserve your pledge:


Grow your own edible celebrity

2 Mar

Ever loved a celebrity so much, that you just wanted to gobble them up? Scared that this twisted fantasy might get you locked up? Well, fear not! BiteLabs is pioneering a perfectly legal way for you to eat you favourite celebrity again and again.


By using tissue meat samples from your chosen celeb, they can grow a unique salami meat from inside a lab – morphing the famous name’s personality into an edible delicacy. Here’s a couple of flavours they want to get their hands on:

So who would you choose? A smokey, cool Jack Nicholson? A fierce and voluptuous Beyonce?  Or a pestering, relentless Jedward?

You can tweet your support with the hashtag #EatCelebrityMeat – and simultaneously be judged by all of your peers. Go forth, you weirdos, and proclaim your love for legal cannibalism!

Underwater hotel room unlocks new depths for tourists

10 Feb

“He’s sleeping with the fishes”…otherwise known as ‘dead’ in mobster talk. However, next time you hear this phrase used, they might not be dead at all! In fact, they might be having the experience of a lifetime.

Just off the coast of Tanzania’s Pemba Island lies the Manta Underwater Room – a floating double room hotel that even Kevin Costner in Waterworld would admire.


Using locally sourced hardwood, you can choose to sun yourself on the roof, take a dip into the ocean or head down to the bedroom and watch the sea life go by.



So if you’re really looking to “get away from it all”, just remember the wise words of Sebastian the crab – turns out he might have been right after all…

McDonald’s consider 3D printers for Happy Meal toys

11 Nov

In a very bold statement, Mark Fabes – the fast food chain’s IT director – spoke of how he was debating the use of 3D printers to make Happy Meal toys in-store. A real future gazing ambition and a testament to the rapid growth of 3D printing itself.

Chances are it’ll be years before a 3D printer is ever seen in a McDonald’s – PR stunts aside – but if the plan ever comes to fruition, I’ll march right in there and order a hamburger with an Officer BigMac toy.

Now I guess all there is to do is wait…

Geoguessr keeps you guessing

14 May

I’m gonna go ahead and say it: Geoguessr is probably the best game on the internet – and it’s all down to a simple combination. By mixing Google street view with the element of competition, they’ve created something infectiously playable.

So how do you start? Well before you set off, you’re offered some very straightforward instructions:

Geoguessr - google maps game

Then just one click can send you anywhere in the world – and with the endless possibilities Google has to offer, I mean anywhere. This game really can take you from the barren to the beautiful:

Geoguesser - google maps gameGeoguesser - google maps game

Once you think you’ve figured out where you are, select your location on the map and all is revealed:

Geoguesser - google maps gameNow I think I had a pretty decent first go and from the five rounds I scored a grand total of 10,510.

Geoguesser - google maps game

But do you think you can do better? Well, just visit and try it for yourself.

Good luck!

Red Stripe Spreads The Soul In East London

28 Nov

Just your average corner shop? Think again.

For the residents of East London, it was just a regular beer run to the off-license – but not tonight; because on this particular night, anyone who picked up a Red Stripe was in for a suprise.

As soon as they’d lifted a can from the fridge – slowly but surely – the whole store came to life to the tune of “A Message To You Rudy.” Boxes, bottles & brushes all ended up moving to the beat as the Jamaican lager spiced up the night for their customers. It’s great watch and adds to the portfolio of brands who’ve sought out to excite the mundane – and they’ve certainly succeeded in this case.

Check out the video below:


And if you want to know how they did it, here’s a behind the scenes look for the curious among you:

Express Yourself

7 Oct

Recently Barclays have launched their new debit cards – allowing you to have your very own photo as the background.

It’s a great evolution of the modern bank card and hats off to Barclays for implementing it first. Of course, they’ll have to approve the image before it gets sent to the printers (that means no twitter links, no “lads on tour” and no Audrey Hepbrun with her cigarette holder) but that goes without saying.


Now when I look at my debit card, I find it a bit dull – and with jealousy often referred to as the greatest form of flattery – Barclays must have this one right on the money.