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Protected: How social listening can create engaging content

8 Jul

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Protected: Why the GIF is now a professional comms tool

1 Apr

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Vain statues take selfies

25 Aug

The rise of the selfie has no boundaries, now even stone statues are getting in on the act. Well, almost.

During their tour around the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, one redditor spiced up the visit by simulating selfie-taking from the statues on display.

A playful and creative approach, generating some great images…

Hard-Hitting Video By Dogs Trust launches #hotcarskilldogs Campaign

27 May

Now the sun is shining and we’ve brushed the dust of our sunglasses, a common issue rears its head once again: leaving your dog inside the car.

It’s an action often enacted without thinking, but can be fatal; as just 20 minutes in the rising heat has the potential to end a dogs life. Therefore, the need to raise awareness is huge – and the Dogs Trust have taken it upon themselves to do just that.


This clever video shows just how dangerous the conditions inside a hot car can be, by showing a dog made from ice slowly melt in the sweltering conditions. “You may as well leave your dog in an oven”, the charity have said – and this video really hits home:

Aussie builders heckle for gender equality, by Snickers

31 Mar

Continuing with their “you’re not you when you’re hungry” strapline, Snickers Australia turned their attention to builders.

Famed for heckling female passers-by – often with the wooing words of “Oi oi!” – they decided to turn this on its head. Completely against public expectation, the builders instead shouted messages of feminism and equality from on high, such as “I appreciate your appearance is just one aspect of who you are”.

I won’t ruin the rest, here’s the end result:

Cities mapped via social media

13 Mar

As the surge of social continues, the Invisible Cities project by US design studio Schema is certainly worth a look.

Using posts from Twitter and Instagram, the landscape of major cities are mapped out in front of your eyes; peaking in centres of higher activity and building a wholly unique view of the city in question.

So far, the project covers various US cities and Tokyo – meaning us Londoners will have to wait – but the tool’s real intrigue lies in its potential.  From a government announcement to a simple twitter competition, having such data mapped out in this way could provide great insight for future communications. Watch this space…


Tony Soprano’s entire criminal history compiled

3 Feb

Ever wondered exactly how many crimes were committed by Tony Soprano? Then wonder no more, Instant Checkmate has done the research for you.

The American firm that: “provides users with the most useful, detailed and important information on just about anyone”, has used their data mining expertise to piece together the criminal history of everyone’s favourite Italian gangster.

A great shareable piece of content that remains true to the skills of the company.

Source: ShortList