Cities mapped via social media

13 Mar

As the surge of social continues, the Invisible Cities project by US design studio Schema is certainly worth a look.

Using posts from Twitter and Instagram, the landscape of major cities are mapped out in front of your eyes; peaking in centres of higher activity and building a wholly unique view of the city in question.

So far, the project covers various US cities and Tokyo – meaning us Londoners will have to wait – but the tool’s real intrigue lies in its potential.  From a government announcement to a simple twitter competition, having such data mapped out in this way could provide great insight for future communications. Watch this space…



Grow your own edible celebrity

2 Mar

Ever loved a celebrity so much, that you just wanted to gobble them up? Scared that this twisted fantasy might get you locked up? Well, fear not! BiteLabs is pioneering a perfectly legal way for you to eat you favourite celebrity again and again.


By using tissue meat samples from your chosen celeb, they can grow a unique salami meat from inside a lab – morphing the famous name’s personality into an edible delicacy. Here’s a couple of flavours they want to get their hands on:

So who would you choose? A smokey, cool Jack Nicholson? A fierce and voluptuous Beyonce?  Or a pestering, relentless Jedward?

You can tweet your support with the hashtag #EatCelebrityMeat – and simultaneously be judged by all of your peers. Go forth, you weirdos, and proclaim your love for legal cannibalism!

Underwater hotel room unlocks new depths for tourists

10 Feb

“He’s sleeping with the fishes”…otherwise known as ‘dead’ in mobster talk. However, next time you hear this phrase used, they might not be dead at all! In fact, they might be having the experience of a lifetime.

Just off the coast of Tanzania’s Pemba Island lies the Manta Underwater Room – a floating double room hotel that even Kevin Costner in Waterworld would admire.


Using locally sourced hardwood, you can choose to sun yourself on the roof, take a dip into the ocean or head down to the bedroom and watch the sea life go by.



So if you’re really looking to “get away from it all”, just remember the wise words of Sebastian the crab – turns out he might have been right after all…

Tony Soprano’s entire criminal history compiled

3 Feb

Ever wondered exactly how many crimes were committed by Tony Soprano? Then wonder no more, Instant Checkmate has done the research for you.

The American firm that: “provides users with the most useful, detailed and important information on just about anyone”, has used their data mining expertise to piece together the criminal history of everyone’s favourite Italian gangster.

A great shareable piece of content that remains true to the skills of the company.

Source: ShortList

MGM Lion Immortalised In Hollywood

30 Jan

The MGM lion, otherwise known as Leo, was given his place in history last week by placing his paws on Hollywood Boulevard – joining a host of celebrity handprints that exist down the Walk of Fame.

Why you ask? Well, it’s MGM’s 90th anniversary – so what better way to mark it than by rewarding their faithful feline with his own piece of history.

Thanks for all the rip-roaring openers, Leo, you deserve it.

More than 300 sharks now on twitter

14 Jan

You read that right.

338 sharks are now tweeting their movements across the social network; but rather than learning their views on X Factor or seeing their latest Starbucks coffee, they’ll kindly be letting you know when they’re close to the coastline.

By tagging each shark with a GPS traker, the Surf Life Saving Western Australia team are able to warn people of potential attacks in a heartbeat. Although, as you may have guessed, it’s the humans writing the tweets – all on the SLSWA feed.

So next time you’re taking a dip Down Under, check your twitter and make sure you’re not a sharks next instagrammed meal.

2013 according to YouTube, Facebook & Twitter

18 Dec

Although we haven’t quite made it to Christmas yet, the social networks have already gone out with their 2013 round-ups – and they’re as interesting and enjoyable as ever.

Let’s start with YouTube. As you’d expect, it’s filled with the most popular virals and songs of the year – from Blurred Lines to yelling goats – but it’s also an endless stream of internet celebrities too. As an Englishman, a few did go over my head, but there’s so many you’re bound to get a few.

Facebook next, which kicks off with the line “2013 – We came, we twerked, we conquered – #YOLO”. Although after the cat beards and red wedding reactions, they take a more serious approach, looking at the tragic events and those that passed across the year. However, the mood’s then lifted with quite a touching ending – which probably makes this my favourite out of the three.

Additionally, <a href=”; target=”_blank”>on facebook’s dedicated site</a>, you can also look at topics such as “top check-ins”, “top life events” and “most talked about” – where Pope Francis comes out on top worldwide. As well as this, there’s the opportunity to look at your 2013 round-up too; which may just be pictures of you shouting into a camera in a pub, but it’s all memories, right?

Finally, if plenty of information is what you’re after, check out <a href=”; target=”_blank”>twitter’s microsite</a>. Here you can break down the entire year through categories, or month, showcasing the sheer volume of data at the social network’s fingertips. Although, for me, the best part is <a href=”; target=”_blank”>BBC Breaking News’s: 2013 in tweets</a> – featuring what is still my <a href=”; target=”_blank”>favourite news story of the year</a>.

So happy 2013 everyone – here’s to another year!