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Amazon Dash revolutionises grocery shopping

13 Apr

Shopping just got savvy with Amazon’s new toy: Amazon Dash.

The Wi-Fi enabled barcode reader is probably the most accommodating aid in its field, as all you have to do is scan the item you’re running low on – or use the microphone to verbally record the item – and it’s automatically added to your AmazonFresh account. The scope of this tool covers pretty much anything on Amazon.com too, with deliveries able to arrive the next day – if you order before 10am.

Currently, it’s only available to AmazonFresh Prime users (so if you’re not in Western America, that’s not you) and will set you back $300 annually. However, this has great potential and could ignite Amazon’s quest for global grocery dominance if competitors don’t react quick enough.

Check out the video to see it in action: