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Turn your Instagram snaps into nail stickers

24 Mar

Kickstarter has seen yet another ingenious invention launch on its platform: NailSnaps.

Thanks to the two LA founders, you’ll be able to turn your chosen Instagram photos into nail polish stickers – and given the huge female user base of this social network – it’s a very savvy extension.

So far, they’ve raised $30,000 of their $47,381 target; and they’ve got just eight days left to make it. So check out the video below for more info and see if they deserve your pledge:


Cities mapped via social media

13 Mar

As the surge of social continues, the Invisible Cities project by US design studio Schema is certainly worth a look.

Using posts from Twitter and Instagram, the landscape of major cities are mapped out in front of your eyes; peaking in centres of higher activity and building a wholly unique view of the city in question.

So far, the project covers various US cities and Tokyo – meaning us Londoners will have to wait – but the tool’s real intrigue lies in its potential.  From a government announcement to a simple twitter competition, having such data mapped out in this way could provide great insight for future communications. Watch this space…